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Oh my god…….I’m so devistated. I can’t believe that Robin Willaims has passed away. He was a legend of comedy. I remember that in secondary on the wall of my science classroom there was a wall full of people who accomplished thier dreams even if they had a few problems, for example he had ADHD and suffered from drug/alcohol problems. But anyway I believe that he will never be forgotten, but he will be truly missed. I am so upset and I didn’t even know him. For me it was Hook, Jumanji, and Mrs Doubtfire which I remembered him from the most. He was a great and funny guy and it is a shame that he left so early. R.I.P - Robin Williams. 1951-2014

Tribute to David Tennant - He was the Doctor I grew up watching, even though it was 2010 that he left the role I still believe that he is the best Doctor! Whether it came to his comedy or his heart breaking moments. His portrayal of the 10th Doctor was phenomenal, and will never be forgotten. It is 2014 now and he is still my favourite out of all the doctors, and nothing will change that fact. 

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